While driving into work on December 12, 2022, I witness smoke just taking over the El Paso Downtown skyline.

This is a rare site for most El Pasoans and an instant worry. Only when I arrived at work did I see an update from the El Paso Fire Department on their Facebook page.

As you can see in the photo, the fire was contained by the fifty firefighters that appeared on the scene.

Multiple El Pasoans filmed different angles of the fire and sent them to El Paso's FitFam Instagram account.

Some people joked that it seems it is the first time El Pasoans have seen a fire due to all the submitted videos. When really this is just our culture now. We pull out our cameras and record drama, no matter what it is.

Not the Only Major Fire in Downtown El Paso in 2022

Back in February 2022, is when Downtown El Paso was consumed by smoke from the De Soto Hotel Fire.

Many El Pasoans were heartbroken over this fire due to the fire consuming such a historic building. Some things can't be remade and De Soto's El Paso history is one of them.

El Paso's New Fire Chief

This huge Downtown El Paso fire comes days after the announcement of El Paso Fire Department's new Fire Chief, Jonathan Killings.

Enrique Duenas
Enrique Duenas

He has a great profile and he will probably be a very busy man from now on. El Pasoans can get to know him more on El Paso Fire Department's Facebook profile. You can also get updates on the fire situation as more details are released on their profile as well.

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