Sometimes hiking can be a scary adventure especially if you're hiking alone. Normally it's good to go with a group of people just to be safe. Whether you are intermediate or advanced it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Even people who are professionals when it comes to hiking can also have an accident happen. Well, a lot of us are familiar with Sugarloaf Mountain. If you're a part of the local hiking group on Facebook then Sugarloaf Mountain is no stranger.

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In fact, Sugarloaf Mountain is where the abandoned shed with the colorful wings mural sits. Now, someone I know has hiked up Sugarloaf Mountain plenty of times over time. He has mentioned it isn't easy but is definitely worth it for the view.

I can totally agree from the looks of his pictures he has shared of that spot. Well, over Easter weekend an El Paso woman got injured on that very hike. The woman who suffered an injury during her hike happened to need a rescue.

In fact, she had to be airlifted down to safety ground from Sugarloaf Mountain. The rescue was caught on camera that you can see featured above. Major kudos to the rescue team and her friend rushing to her rescue.

It took the El Paso Fire Department and USCBP and Marine Operations Crew to help get her off Sugarloaf Mountain. Now you can just imagine how much that bill is going to cost. So whether you're considered advanced when it comes to hiking always go with a group or inform your family or friends where you are going.

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