There is nothing like an afternoon of high winds to play havoc with your recycling and trash bins. You can see trash and recyling bins littering the streets during high wind days and they are super dangerous for both motorists and pedestrians. El Paso is supposed to get hit by some high winds later this week so what is the protocol for dealing with your trash pickup day and high winds?

The City of El Paso Environmental Services Department says if there are windy days in the forecast, you should not to place blue recycling bins out for collection if they are less than half-full. I know it's tough to do but ESD officials say it is better to wait until your next regularly scheduled pick-up day to put your recycling bins out for collection. If your bin is less than half full or full and lightweight it could get blown over and all that mess would be blowing in the wind, something your neighbors are not going to appreciate.

Trash Bin Ready for Pickup

Probably the most important thing to do is once your bins have been emptied take them back up to your house so the bins don't get blown into the street. If you're at work, you might want to ask a neighbor to help out. For more information about garbage and recycling services during windy weather, call Environmental Services Department at (915) 212-6000 or call 3-1-1. You can also check out more information about garbage and recycling collection in general on their website by clicking here.

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