When I was 25, I had a lot of responsibilities. I worked, I went to college and I had three children in my care. I'll be real honest: any outside critique, helpful or otherwise, was met with a disproportionate, albeit justified rage.

Now imagine being 25 and being seen as the main face of an entire football franchise, expected to perform miracles against a veteran titan of the sport. This is not only unfair to Patrick Mahomes, but it's also unfair to his team. Placing the "blame" for the loss on his shoulders is inaccurate. Even the most miraculous throw still has to be caught. The plays have to be called fairly, and the team needs to be coordinated with skill, precision and expertise. And even if all that had happened, it's still possible for the other team to out-execute.

I'm not a sports expert, but I'm very interested in the way people behave. I get very disappointed when people are unjust or unfair. I am filled with joy when people are supportive, loving and kind. Texas Tech Football filled me with joy today.

So did Brittany Matthews, Mahomes' fiancee an and influencer in her own right, when she defended her husband against what she saw as "corny" and "trash" takes against him. They are relationship goals and I hope that never changes:

"Not how we wanted it to end, but 15 played his heart out and I'm always and forever proud of him in everything he does! Now let's have a baby,"

I am and will continue to be a #15 fan, not because I particularly care about football, but because a hometown hero has managed, in spite of overwhelming success, to remain a non-toxic example of positive masculinity in a sport riddled with problematic players.

I believe in that way he will be the Michael Jordan of football players. That is, an excellent example of athleticism, hard work and a dedication to using his success to improve the quality of life for other people. Even MJ had big losses, but no one will ever remember him for anything but his big wins.

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