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It's possible that Saturday's thrilling game between Texas Tech and the University of Texas was the last matchup between the two schools for a very long time. The 37-34 overtime win by the Red Raiders will be a sweet memory for fans and players alike no matter what happens next year or in the years following. And if Saturday's matchup was the last for while, personally, I'm okay with that.

Ever since the University of Texas announced in July of 2021 that it was heading to the SEC "no later than the summer of 2025" Texas Tech officials, donors, and fans have wanted state lawmakers to get involved. Don Williams of the Lubbock AJ recently reported that a Texas Tech delegation met with Governor Abbott twice about wanting to keep the Texas Tech-Texas football series going. An official in the Governor's office reportedly said the Governor is "committed" to seeing the series continue, whatever that means.

I get it. When UT pulls into Lubbock, fans show up. They spend money in our stores and restaurants, and they stay in our hotels. It's big business and that's great for our local economy.

But it's not the job of Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, or any other Texas lawmaker to make sure a football game is played. That's up to the donors and to the people in the athletic offices to make happen.

We need our lawmakers to focus on the big issues, like improving our electric grid, border security, property tax reform and relief, school safety, and other major issues that touch the lives of all Texans. Oh, and if lawmakers really do want to help out Texas Tech, expand access to the PUF. That would benefit Texas Tech much more than a football game.

The University of Texas decided long ago, they were going to lookout for themselves. As did Texas A&M when they bolted for the SEC years ago. It's time for Texas Tech to do the same. Stop being dependent on UT. Want to attract fans who will drop money across Lubbock? Keep doing what you did on Saturday. Put a winning and entertaining product on the field, and the fans will show up. Schedule exciting teams in the future for non-conference games. Schedule a Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, hell even Arkansas would draw a crowd.

Count on Head Coach Joey McGuire to bring back the fans, not Texas Lawmakers.

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