As for me, I don't think there was any doubt about the arrangements of these Led Zeppelin classics knocked out by the Goin' Band. They put together an incredible arrangement of four tracks that showed a real cross-section of what both Led Zeppelin and the Goin' Band had to offer. I think the only thing I would have personally added would have been the opening riff to "The Ocean," because I think it practically begs to be played in a huge, over-the-top arrangement.

The band rocked through "Rock And Roll," and "Immigrant Song," did a bit of "Black Dog," then finished up with "Kashmir." They did this while spelling out "Led Zeppelin" and eventually "Texas Tech."

I just have to say these kids are so amazingly talented to be able to play and march in formation at one time. Don't ever dismiss the Goin' Band because they are 100 percent putting in the work.

My apologies if the Goin' Band has featured other rock classics before this. I will certainly be paying a lot more attention after this spectacular performance.

P.S. Since they played Zep when they beat UT, we also have to play Zep if we every play UT again. That's the law.

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