Holy cow! I tried another auto-fill experiment and I was not even prepared for the results of this one.

The way the auto-fill game works is that you start to type a sentence or lead with a few words and see how Google completes it based on previous searches. Well, I have bad news for Texas Tech fans, and that's you're not very highly thought of. All I typed was "Texas Tech Fans" and let Google automatically complete it.

The top answers were:

  • Texas Tech fans removed
  • Texas Tech fans trash
  • Texas Tech fans storm field
  • Texas Tech fans penalized
  • Texas Tech fans unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Texas Tech fans throwing tortillas
  • Texas Tech fans are the worst
  • Texas Tech fans chant (which we know was profanities)
  • Texas Tech fans throw batteries.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Why couldn't there be something like "Texas Tech fans love barbeque" or "Texas Tech fans adopt adorable puppies"? At this point, I'd settle for "Texas Tech fans stick around for entire game" or "Texas Tech fans enjoy a cornhole tournament before the big game."

Google is telling everyone something we've known all along. Texas Tech's fanbase is a bit rowdier and, yes, unfriendlier than many of other fanbases around the country. We need to realize that we can have an intense rivalry and competition with another team without forgetting our manners.

The real problem is now that we have this reputation it's going to take forever to shake it. I'm not really sure if Texas Tech has a "guest services" crew or regular announcements and instructions on how to behave at games, but maybe they should.

And just in case you think I'm hammering Texas Tech, here are the results for you to see for yourself:


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