The rapper and metal-loving musician Post Malone is known for many things- great music, great taste in music, face tattoos, and a lover of cigarettes and Bud Light. He's also known as a big fan of beer pong. Posty is such a big fan, that he's now ready to make a professional league out of the drinking game. According to TMZ, Post Malone has now filed legal documents for the name "World Pong League" to start his own beer pong league. The documents state that the World Pong League would hold "tournaments, competitions, events, and exhibitions" and would also sell merchandise. Let's be honest, who wouldn't want a World Pong League shirt designed by Posty?

After this news hit the internet, people were excited for Posty's new venture because let's be honest, there really isn't anybody else who could be a more perfect spokesperson for the league. But it did make us wonder, who will be playing in the World Pong League? Will everyday Americans make up the teams? Or will Posty be recruiting some of his celebrity friends to join in the competition? There are plenty of videos online of Post Malone playing beer pong with various celebs and rockers so we already know he's aware of who could be some great recruits for different teams. We don't have this inside information but we do have our own opinions on who we think will make great beer pong team recruits.

Post Malone's Celebrity Beer Pong Team Members

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