We all have a band or artist that we totally love and they've pretty much all written at least 1 song that we can't stand.

With bands, calling out those failures is easy if it's one you don't like. What if it's one you love?

They say true beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Just as great music lies in the EAR of the beholder.

That's what makes the following question so subjective. It's also why, while a band may make the list more than once, I'd be surprised if the same song did.

Except for I Was Made For Lovin' You ... I think KISS fans around the globe agree on that one. I think they, KISS, agree on that one ...

Bands work hard to win a place in your heart and once they have it, it usually takes something pretty bad to make you give 'em that "look".

That doesn't mean their songs are all winners though.

What song by your favorite band do you hate?

I'll go first with a clunker, in my opinion, from one of my all time favorite bands, The Beatles. While they wrote the book on song writing, even they had their bad days.

Good Night for example ... beautiful lullaby, NOT a good rock song.

Here's how Facebook answered:

Don't worry bands, we all still love you. (Except for Jimmy and U2 that is.) We'll always be here for you just, try not to let that random bad one happen again. Ok?

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