So, I am OBSESSED with a good mom joke because it’s just who I am. A mom who loves to make her son cringe with jokes that only I believe are hysterical!

However, It was my father who taught me that all corny jokes are worthy of a good laugh even if it’s accompanied with an eye roll. So, my love for Mom jokes came from my love for Dad jokes and when I see others who share my love for a good dad joke, I get excited.

This past weekend, El Paso Chihuahuas broadcaster Tim Hagerty took his son Carson to work with him.

Tim has been the voice of the Chihuahuas since their beginning back in 2014. He provides fans with play-by-plays on ESPN 600 and this past Father’s Day he also provided listeners with some pretty awesome dad jokes courtesy of his 6-year-old son.

Tim shared a video on his Twitter showing his son up in the booth with him, headphones on and ready to crack some jokes for the listeners.

Courtesy: Tim Hagerty Twitter
Courtesy: Tim Hagerty Twitter

The video starts off with a very excited Carson asking fans if they wanted to hear a joke. He then proceeded with his first joke which was a knock knock joke.

“Knock Knock. Who’s there? Banana. Banana who? Banana I’m not PEELING well.”

I mean, HILARIOUS!! Someone give this kid a contract already!!

Carson thought his joke was hilarious too and he went on to tell his dad that he was pretty sure everyone else loved that joke as much as he did and to prove his point he asked fans to raise their hands if they liked the joke.

Courtesy: Tim Hagerty Twitter
Courtesy: Tim Hagerty Twitter

Carson was a little bummed to see that his dad was the only person who raised his hand but dad came to the rescue to explain why the crowd wasn’t raising their hands.

“Here’s the thing, people can hear you on the radio and on TV but they don’t hear you in the stands so those people don’t hear you but people at home and in their cars are raising their hands,” explained Tim.

After that great father-son moment, Carson got his confidence back and decided to keep the dad jokes going.

“What did the tree say to the wind? LEAVE me alone.”

And he ended his dad joke segment with what some comedians might consider a masterpiece of a joke:

“Hey cow, MOOOOOOOve out the way.”

Brb. Saving these jokes to add to my dating profile bio!

Thanks for the laugh, Carson. And Tim, thanks for sharing your hilarious and precious little human with us. (But seriously, can we get him a contract? Or is that illegal?)


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