The weather has been wet and the mountains surrounding the area have been taking it all in. It's caused the Franklins to turn a stunning color.

The Borderland has seen plenty of rain over the past few weeks and it's caused landscaping, mud, trees, and more to go floating and damaged houses, businesses, and streets. While there was plenty of destruction seen, there have been other sites seen around the desert landscape- plenty of rolling green hills.

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If you've driven through the Anthony Gap, over Transmountain, or been on the far westside or northeast portion of the city, you've seen the mountain's changing color palette. Normally a blend of beige and brown, the mountains around El Paso are now a lush green color. While our mountains normally look like they belong in the next "Mad Max" movie, now peaks would stick out like a sore thumb. The rolling hills of El Paso now look like a screengrab of the Shire where the Hobbits of Lord of the Rings live.

The best example of the widespread greenery seen in the Franklin Mountains is through a Tik Tok video that has now gone viral. Tik Tok user VicSteveChacon posted the drone video and him hiking through the Franklin Mountains and shows just how truly widespread the greenery is around the Borderland. See the video below and take in the amazing views.

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