It's time for another great "Joanna's Question of the Week". Every week, or almost every week, I get together with our digital editor and we ask our followers on social media a question. We usually get some great responses so I knew that for this week's question would definitely get some great answers. This weeks question:

Of course our listeners didn't let us down and gave us their answers.

videogame 1

Imagine waking up in this world? Just watch out for banana peels.

Videogame 2

Quite a few of you really want to live in the world of car videogames, but is it because of the actual world or because you want to drive the cars? Probably the latter, right?

Videogame 4

"Fallout New Vegas" sounds scary! And "The Elder Scrolls" sounds like something that would I would have to hunt for if I were playing "Dungeons & Dragons".

videogame 5

I don't know the basketball one, and I didn't know the volleyball one, until someone came long and answered it.

videogame 7

After Googling it, I can understand why he wouldn't want to be judged.

Videogame 6

I know of this game and I'm not sure I'd like to live in that world.

videogame 8

I was waiting for someone to say "Resident Evil". As I've stated on the show before, I'm not good with zombies- but if we get zombies, I just hope that they're "Walking Dead" zombies and not "World War Z" zombies.

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