The same artist who created the famous "Equis" in Juarez is hoping to place a sculpture like it here in El Paso.

You know what the "Equis" is, you can't miss it! It's the huge red "X" you see on the Juarez side when you're driving on the Border Highway.

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Architect Pedro Francisco Rodriguez designed a 130-foot tall bright yellow monument that he hopes will be placed in El Paso. Francisco is looking at placing that monument in Ascarate Park which would be across from Juarez’s famous “Equis” sculpture. The yellow monument is meant to represent "a threshold" into the future.

The yellow monument would cost $3 million. Check it out below:

Francisco has spoken with the city and county officials about the idea but no word yet on whether or not El Paso will for sure be getting their own version of the famous “X.

But, in all seriousness, did we ask for this?! It's a beautiful thought, but I know a majority of El Pasoans don't really want this. I went ahead and asked our fellow Facebook followers- if we were to get our very own sculpture, what should it be of?

We got a lot of great comments! For the most part, many agreed that we didn't ask for this, and we don't really need this in El Paso.

But those who gave their suggestions, well, they were real good. Here are 11 of the best suggestions we got.

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