Two teachers in Vallejo, California have been put on administrative leave after being caught on their Zoom conference call badmouthing their students. In their two minute conversation, both teachers comment on how their students are "technologically illiterate"-yet both teachers didn't bother to mute their mics while making their comments. The parent that caught the conversation, Chanel Bonner, says she was upset and heartbroken to have heard these teachers talking this way about students.

It certainly sounds like those teachers could have taken a few pointers from these students at Parkland Elementary students who had the good sense to behave themselves after their teacher got kicked off the meeting. In the now viral video, second grader Marilyn Wells informs her classmates that the record button is on, meaning the teacher will see how they're behaving in her absence. Hilarity ensues.

First of all, that is adorable. Virtual learning hasn't been easy for both students and teachers, and it can be especially frustrating when technology fails you. The fact that these SECOND GRADERS could contain themselves and still behave is very commendable, and a lot of people agree. After Good Morning America posted this video on YouTube, some of the comments included:

"That actually made more sense than the presidential debate."

"First, yellow shirt is clearly the class leader. Second, these kids are more put together and calm than the so called leaders in this country. Shoutout to them. The future is bright."

The entire toast conversation is probably the highlight. This video is a great reminder of the innocence of children. The parents of these students should be proud of how their students conducted themselves that day because I know a few high school students who probably wouldn't behave this way. The future is definitely bright with these students.

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