Winterfest is coming back and this year it's expected to be bigger than ever! After a year hiatus, the Christmas Tree and lights will be on display again and the Celebration of Lights parade will once again light up Downtown El Paso.

Just as our Halloween parade was a huge success, I'm sure the Celebration of Lights parade, which kicks off Winterfest on November 20th, will also see a huge crowd. It's been a year, everyone is itching to get out and celebrate the holiday season!

This year we can expect many businesses, organizations and local clubs to hit the streets of Downtown El Paso for the parade, and one of them is Rick Car, who is already famous in his own right for his impressive light shows!

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If you've read some of my previous articles, then you already know how much of a fan I am of local man Rick Car's awesome light shows! Rick Car is notoriously known for putting his projector to good use and inviting the whole community to check out his light shows. His light shows are so good that he was even featured in John Krasinski's "Some Good News" segment!

In the past, he's done Halloween light shows, Holiday light shows and even Mother's Day light shows. This year, he's taking that famous light show and hitting the road! He'll debut his "Rae of Light Angel-Mobile" at the Celebration of Lights parade and I'm sure we're guaranteed a great show, check out his teaser below!

Here's how Rick describes the completely mobile Christmas light show:

"A huge thank you to My wife Steph for her help. We named it after my son Angel whom also just began to walk himself! So we saw it fitting to name it after him. The truck has over 4,000 individually controlled lights. We plan on having some fun with it after the parade & hit up some hot spots around town to spread some Christmas magic."

Hit up Winterfest's Celebration of Lights parade on November 20th to check out Rick's awesome mobile Christmas light show, and check out his other videos on YouTube and his official Facebook page Rae of Light. As always, thank you to Rick for sharing the magic with all of us!

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