Okay, so maybe the term "looks like it's on fire" is a bit extreme, but the major smoke that comes from the refinery is not a cause for a concern, at least according to this Reddit post.

A recent Reddit post has caused a bit of a stir after Reddit user Shy_in_LeBuff posted a picture of the refinery and a ton of smoke coming out of it.

With the caption "This is NOT OK", here is the first photo this Reddit user posted:

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Soon after, user Shy_in_LeBuff posted another picture of the refinery, located on Clark Dr., of the smoke still pumping into the sky.

I'm sure for most of us who live in the Sun City have become accustomed to this; I don't think I've ever questioned what's happening. But Shy_in_LeBuff had a concern and took to Reddit to voice it.

The post was met with different reactions as some agreed with the original poster; others came forward with a refinery lesson.

This is apparently called "flaring", here is what user Cool1Mach said:

"Its called flaring. They are allowed to flare a certain amount before getting fined. Its necessary so sh*t wont blow up. You “flare” gas when you light a gas stove to cook. Just in a smaller scale."

Someone else came through with an actual link that described the process, and why it is necessary, you can read about it here.

Still, others were on the side of the original poster who think that just because it is necessary it does not make it okay to pump this into our air.

I don't think I've actually ever questioned why that flame burned so intensely at times, but at least now I know what it is.

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