Cowboy boots and a hat, the Texas staple. Somehow, people outside of Texas assume we ALL wear that. I mean, I do have my own pair of boots and a Stetson, but that's because they're stylish, but it doesn't mean that's my everyday wear; they're only for special occasions.

Well, to outsiders, they may not know that many of us already have our preferred places to go when we want to get some of our cowboy gear (no, not the football team). That's why Reddit user @Mr-Cali (the name says it all TBH) asked where come cowboy boots and hats can be found.


There's only two comments with actual suggestions; but they are some good ones!

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The first one is Starr Western Wear. Starr Western Wear carry many different brands and offer selections to men, women and kids. If you're looking for a certain hat, or boots this is the place to go.

The second one is Tony Lama. Now, I'm a bit partial to Tony Lama because they are a tradition in my family. My grandpa worked for Tony Lama for over 40 years in the factory! This means that my grandpa didn't just let us buy any old boots- he had to inspect them to make sure that we were getting quality boots. We never dared question him because he was the expert!

Tony Lama also offers apparel for men, women and kids. Starr Western Wear also offers Tony Lama boots and apparel. So if you're looking to get some good quality boots and a hat, then I do suggest these two.

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