Thank God for the Nextdoor App. Without it I wouldn’t know what my fretful neighbors are freaking out over THIS week. Apparently, their kids are now doing something every teacher already does: stealing stuff from school.

There is a TikTok challenge going on. Students are challenged to "steal from school" or "steal from your teacher". Students are vandalizing and stealing soap dispensers, paper towel holders, computers, tablets, signage, etc. They are trashing restrooms which causes schools to limit/restrict restroom use. Check your child's social media accounts AND their belongings. Do not be surprised when Little JJ and his friends end up at alternative school "just for being kids" or parents paying fines.

So…kids are doing the same thing some of my friends were doing when we were in high school 30 years ago. I never did it (probably because I wasn’t cool) but for some of my friends casual pilfering was second nature. And they didn’t just limit it to school. If they could swipe a napkin dispenser from Pizza Hut or an employee vest from Kmart, they would. The reason: it was funny and nobody thought they’d get in any real trouble. It wasn’t about stealing anything of real value. The point was, I think, to steal something that would be recognizable. So, if someone walked into your room and saw an Arby’s tray or “Danger: High Voltage” sign you got…I dunno, points or something.

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Here’s the way the Nextdoor app works: Fretful Parent shares something they heard about on TV.

Then, Fretful Parent # 2 confirms that this is a major crime wave by saying they, too, saw something about it:


  •  Doniphan Dr
  • Report from Midland confirmed this. It's happened there.

Step 3, Fretful Parent #3 ups the ante by making an even MORE alarming claim:


  •  Montoya Heights
  • They are also loosening tire lug nuts on cars in Parking lots and when people drive off the wheels come off. So dangerous

Finally, Fretful Parent #4 goes full-blown conspiracy theorist:


  • The Legends of El Paso
  • I understand Tik Tok comes out of China.

And that is the life cycle of a Nextdoor Freak-Out.


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