Sometimes our curiosity gets the best of us when we scroll through social media. By that, I mean you read something that is asking for other opinions on a certain topic.

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The other day I was scrolling through Facebook and came across something on the Facebook page for Stuff To Do In Dallas regarding someone moving. A person was going to move to Dallas, Texas, and wanted to know what area NOT to move to.

The person got 565 comments and the comment section is still growing since they asked. But this had me wondering what other El Pasoans would say if someone was moving to El Paso.

El Paso is a beautiful city and is the new home to people who have left California, Colorado, Seattle, and more. Now we all know someone who will either love to throw some shade at a certain area in El Paso.

For example, so many people crack jokes about the Northeast which I think is ridiculous. There is a video I came across that I believe captures what makes the Northeast so great.

But no matter what you will get those people who will tell future El Paso residents not to live in the Northeast. While others may feel the Westside is too expensive and tell them to live far East.

What I would like to know is what piece of advice you would offer on where a future El Paso resident should avoid living. Place your vote in the poll below on what area in El Paso a future resident should NOT live.

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