It’s not exactly shocking to hear that quite a few people have made Texas their new home over the past few years. Some of that having to do with the pandemic and just realizing that life is short so they want to live in a beautiful place like Texas. Others had enough with the politics in the state they were living in and wanted a more Texas way of life. Recently, we asked Texas residents what advice they would give to someone who just moved to Texas and we had to share the responses we got. 

The responses we got were a mixed bag, some of them being helpful others didn’t offer much help at all. It’s always tough for locals to see a large population increase because it’s going to make changes, which can include more traffic which can be annoying at times. But it’s also pretty cool to see so many people wanting to be here, let’s be honest we are pretty lucky to be in such a beautiful state and for the most part people are friendly and look out for each other. 

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Some of the Most Helpful Tips for People Moving to Texas 

While there were some not so helpful responses there were some great ones too, such as making sure your Air Conditioner works prior to moving here. The Texas heat is unrelenting, make sure you have the equipment needed to be comfortable. Another comment I thought was funny but true, watch where you step. 

Let’s Look at All Comments for People Moving to the State of Texas 

There were quite a few political recommendations for anyone moving to Texas as you will see below. Here is a look at all the comments and tips we got from Texans on advice they would give to someone moving to Texas. 

Texans Give Advice For Anyone Moving to Texas

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