We're sharing some helpful tips to get through the July 4th weekend as the holiday can become very stressful for pets as fireworks pop up all across the city.

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According to El Paso Animal Services, the 4th of July is incredibly stressful for pets. The snap, crackle, and pop of fireworks can be scary and harmful to our four-legged family members resulting in hundreds of pets fleeing from their homes yearly.

As we celebrate our nation's birth, the bright lights, loud noises, and backyard barbeques might overwhelm pets, so here are some helpful tips to follow.

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Tips to help keep your pet safe and calm:

  • Resist the urge to take your pets to any Fourth of July firework displays/events.
  • Keep pets indoors and close the curtains.
  • Take pets outside on a leash to take care of business before fireworks go off in the evening.
  • Turn on the radio or television to help mask outdoor noises.
  • Keep your pet's microchip up-to-date with the correct contact information.
  • If not micro-chipped, get your pet micro-chipped.
  • Keep a well-fitting (not tight) collar and identification tag on your pet.
  • If your pet is crate-trained, place them in their crate.
  • Make sure to keep alcoholic drinks where your pets cannot reach them. Alcoholic beverages can poison pets and, in severe cases, cause death.
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Tips to help lost pets get back home:

  • Get the pet scanned for a microchip. You can get pets checked for free at any El Paso fire station or veterinary office.
  • Report found pets via ElPasoAnimalServices.org/foundpetresources or by calling 311.
  • Post photos of the pet on social media sites such as Nextdoor, Petco Love Lost, or Pawboost.
  • If the found pet requires urgent assistance or is in danger, injured, sick or aggressive, call 311.
  • If you lost your pet, visit our website to file a Lost Pet Report and view found pets.

Remember to watch your pet this Fourth of July weekend, and keep the name and number of your veterinarian and animal emergency clinic on hand in case of an emergency.

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