There is a skate park in El Paso with quite a view that is also hidden. Some of you may be able to recognize which hidden skate park it is just by the physical features.

If you don't know what hidden skate park I am talking about it should go on your future park list to skate at. Before the pandemic began there still weren't a lot of visitors at the El Paso green bowl.

During the pandemic, I have only seen a few people skating around. I really enjoy visiting the El Paso green bowl for two reasons. One of them is the scenic view it has to offer you of Central, East, and Juarez.

Not only does it entertain your eyes but is also a peaceful place to enjoy the outdoors. Plus, this isn't like any other skate park in El Paso. You have to sort of walk down some huge cement steps down to the skate park.

If you don't skate you can also just sit on the gigantic steps and admire the view of the city. In my opinion, it sure is a nice place to get some cardio in when the sun is rising. That isn't the only plus about the El Paso green bowl.

Usually, most of the time that area doesn't really see a lot of visitors especially now during a pandemic. I enjoyed taking my kids this past summer to the El Paso green bowl for our daily walks. You can definitely find your serenity at that hidden skate park in Central El Paso.

Let me know if you've ever visited the hidden El Paso green bowl skate park in the poll below.

El Paso Green Bowl

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