Today has been on of the most controversial days we have seen in a long time when it comes to the new Triple A Baseball team here in El Paso. We honestly haven't seen a day like this in a long, long time.

Who knew that on the day that MountainStar Sports Group would announce the finalists for the name the team contest that all hell would break loose? Well, it did!

I can honestly tell you that I haven't seen a single positive comment on any platform of social media about the names an oh the names.

Desert Gators
Sun Dogs

Yes, these five names sent El Pasoans into a tale spin today. Our 600 ESPN El Paso Facebook page had a record number of page views and likes with, as of now, 4,074 people have seen the post and 110 people have commented on it. Here are a few of those.



Some of the reactions on Twitter during SportsTalk.



Then with about 12 minutes to go in the show, we had the pleasure of meeting the new GM of the baseball team Brad Taylor when he joined us in studio.

Taylor told us about how he has been though several team naming processes before, the name the team process here in El Paso, El Paso should enjoy the process, why certain names were ruled out and much more.


"I think its great! Do you know what that means? People are getting emotionally invested in the team already, they care. That is a great first step."


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