Earlier today, FC Juarez announced that the team executive president Guillermo Cantu and the club were parting ways in a mutual agreement. Effective immediately. Cantu’s tenure with the Bravos lasted 16 months.

What does Cantu leave behind? An institution in turmoil.

FC Juarez is on the hook for a 2.5 million dollar fine because they finished second to last in the relegation table. Over the next year (next two seasons) the team has to fight its way out of those positions in order to avoid another fine this time again next year or possible relegation to second division if the league decides to reinstate it.

In addition, Cantu leaves behind a team with a roster full of players he decided to bring in that fell WAY short of everyone’s expectations. Prime example, Marco Fabian.

FC Juarez.
FC Juarez.

Simply put, Cantu leaving is the first step in what should be a major overhaul to the institution. A total restructuring project will have to take place in order for the Bravos to improve on the field of play and in their day to day operations in the front office.

This is going to be a tall order especially since it is something that will have to be executed within the next two and a half months as the 2021 Apertura season will begin in the second half of July.

The Bravos ownership group, which includes MountainStar Sports Group, is going to have to make decisions on who stays to who leaves, from head coach Alfonso Sosa to the equipment manager. If they decide to clear house completely, few would be surprised.

Stay tuned for a first half of the summer to be filled with announcements regrading the team from the Borderland.

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