The next time you're in the Central area you may want to check out the latest mural on Cotton Street. I love seeing all the different murals that are scattered throughout El Paso. Not sure if you've noticed but it seems like painting murals has been a thing lately. There are all sorts of murals that are being painted on walls all over El Paso. You've already heard about and seen the El Paso Strong murals in different areas of El Paso. Well, some local artists got together and put together the sweetest mural you could see but can't taste. Justin Martinez and some other fellas picked the perfect spot for where they wanted to display their art. Justin Martinez shared a short clip of the palatero themed mural on his Facebook.

Paletero themed wall with Some of my buddies

Posted by Justin Martinez on Sunday, August 2, 2020

If you're wanting to take a longer look at this sweet piece of art then you can check it out at 3rd and Cotton Street. You can get a better and longer view of the palatero themed mural in person. This is the kind of art that adults and children would love to admire together. Paletas are a big deal when you live in El Paso regardless of your age. I noticed in the quick preview of the palatero mural on 3rd and Cotton Street was missing something. Someone should have tied in the Sun City's weather to one of the paletas on the mural. If they still plan on adding on to the palatero themed mural, I hope they include a paleta melting due to the hot sun.

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