By Christian Molinar
Burges High School Sports Reporter

Homecoming brings drama and Mustang Stadium was filled with it Oct. 7.

Facing the Jefferson Foxes, the Mustangs dug themselves into a massive hole. Heading into the fourth quarter, Burges found itself down 21-6, and quickly running out of time.

“We weren’t focused,” junior wide receiver Enrique Cinco said. “It took us a while to realize what was really happening to us. Halftime allowed us to make some adjustments and rally with each other. We wanted to win, but Jeff wanted to ruin our homecoming. In the fourth quarter, momentum shifted after the defense had a couple of stops which led to scores for us on offense. Will [Patterson] getting that interception and scoring was the thing that made us realize that it was our game to win.”

Burges outscored Jefferson in the fourth quarter 33-0 to remain undefeated at 6-0.

“It was a lot of things,” sophomore lineman William Patterson said. “It was homecoming and the whole week was filled with activities and a parade. Honestly, we were over-looking them. We thought they just would roll over and hand us a win. What changed it all was someone in a Jeff shirt yelling, ‘Ruin the homecoming boys, one more quarter to ruin it.’ When we heard that, I think the light went on. That person fueled us and gave us the wake-up call. The interception I had was nothing too special. The lineman let me run free. I had a feeling it was a screen and I read it like a book, so I went for it and sealed it with a touchdown.”

Burges’ passing game really stepped up (44.7 yards per game). Senior quarterback Adrian Montes hooked up with Chad Roberts for two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to help the comeback cause.

“It felt great,” Roberts said. “I felt like I helped the team get back into it. Some of my teammates looked like they had just given up. After the first touchdown, it seemed like we got our second wind. Now the real deal is this week and we really need to step it up against Chapin. We need an ‘all in’ performance. We need to play mistake-free football, which is easier said then done. But, I think this is one for the books.”

The Mustangs travel to Irvin Memorial Tony Shaw Stadium to face the Chapin Huskies this Friday. Titling this week as ‘Chapin week’, buses will be available to transport students to the game to ensure the stands are filled with purple and gold.

Chapin possesses a balanced attack on offense, passing for 175.6 yards per game and rushing for 229.6 yards. The Huskies average 35.3 points per game. Currently, Chapin and Burges sit atop the district race. The winner will take first place and possibly the district title.

“The coaches have been preparing us all week long,” senior lineman Darion Henry said. “We know they are a very dangerous team. There’s a three headed monster in that backfield (R. Williams, G. Satele, D. Turner-Fults). I’ve known DeAndre for a long time. He gives his heart into every down. He will bring it and deliver a blow if you don’t. We need to come to the line, ready our keys and go 100 miles an hour. Since the final ticks on the clock last year, Chapin created our ‘payback tour’ because of how they embarrassed us; 49-6 was great for them no doubt, but for us it was the fuel we needed. This is the main stop where payback will be so sweet. There really isn’t another team that I want to beat so bad. I’m sick and tired of Chapin being on top and being talked about.”


Elijah Natividad #54
Junior defensive end
6 Sacks
22 Tackles


“It is folly for a man to pray to the gods for that which he has the power to obtain by himself.” - Epi Curius


“The best athlete I’ve ever faced was in middle school and that was Monderrio Turner. We played each other in the MacArthur-Ross game. I’m not saying he’s better than I am nor do I think I’m better than him, but any time he’s running the ball and I’m in his way-it just makes for a good time. Now we are teammates at Burges and good friends.”