Clearly, some El Pasoans have shown over the July 4th shenanigans they will do whatever it takes to see fireworks. Then again nothing will stop any El Pasoan from doing what they want.

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Just refer to when Covid-19 was a bigger issue than it is now, it didn't stop people from partying. Well, the pouring rain certainly didn't stop anybody from enjoying their fourth in El Paso.

The 4th of July in El Paso taught us a few things this year we can keep in mind. After this past July 4th, we learned a few things about El Paso to remember for the next 4th of July in 2023.


Sure a lot of people love watching the fireworks at Scenic Drive because of the panorama view you have. Thanks to The Real Fit Fam El Paso I now know to avoid Scenic Drive at all costs on Independence Day.

If you use Scenic Drive as your route home or whatever you also know to avoid it on July 4th. Just refer to the video Liberty Ceniceros submitted to Fit Fam about the traffic jam above below.

2. Some El Pasoans Don't Mind Leaving Ascarate Park Trashed

An El Paso man who visits Ascarate Lake often was disappointed to see the July 4th aftermath. It certainly is disappointing to see locals expecting others to clean up their mess.

Alphonso Duarte shared his photo on EL PASO Fishing showing proof of why El Paso can't have nice things. You can see only part of the mess compared to how the rest of it looked below.

via Alphonso Duarte
via Alphonso Duarte

If you feel the trash bin they have will not have enough room, just take extra trash bags to keep the area clean.

3. Buy Chill Chews for Your Pets Since 4th of July Lasts for Days In El Paso

Everyone in El Paso knows the 4th of July fireworks last for about a week even after Independence Day is over. You know what that means for your helpless dogs, scary sounds that can send them into a panic.

So it is always good to purchase Chill Chews for your dogs to have for crazy times. Especially since tons of people in El Paso celebrate the 4th of July for days.

Check out these 50 fascinating facts about dogs:

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