Happy Independence Day!

Fireworks Light Up Skies Over NYC On Fourth Of July
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Having the Fourth of July is a little awkward when it's in the middle of the week, especially if you have to work! So many of us who still have to work during the week are basically phoning it in- don't like, you know you are!

A new survey found that 45% of American workers don't expect to get much done between now and Fourth of July weekend- so much so, that many Americans believe we should just get the whole week off. 49% think companies should shut down for the entire week of July 4th, and a lot of those votes are young people. 61% of Millennials and Gen Z'ers said yes, compared to 32% of people older than that.

So if work is kind of ruining your plans, then maybe a day in watching movies is best. While many are out celebrating with barbecue's and enjoying a day in the sun, my favorite thing to do is stay inside where it's nicely air conditioned and watch movies. Of course, I don't just watch just any movies, I watch patriotic movies! My favorite movie to watch? Independence Day, of course! That movie should be required viewing on Fourth of July- just for that speech alone!

A quick Google search will no doubt give you a ton of recommendations of what to watch for the holiday weekend. Now, while we can't have gatherings of more than ten people- it could still be a great fourth of July with your family. Fire up the grill, break out the decorations and don yourself in the red white and blue and check out my recommendations of great movies to watch for Independence day- all family friendly!

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