Another 4th of July has passed and many El Pasoans still do not know how to pick up after themselves. I understand you enjoy popping your fireworks without thinking of how annoying fireworks really are, or how traumatizing they can be for people and animals. You might think I am un-American because I am not excited at the thought of spending thousands on fireworks. Well, I think it is wrong to trash areas in honor of America's independence.

Here we are again. Trash covering Red Sands and no one taking responsibility. The Texas Rescue Patrol took to Facebook to rally El Pasoans to come together to help with the cleanup efforts for this year's scheduled pickup. I applaud the Texas Rescue Patrol for staying professional even though they made it clear how upset they are with the actions of people who leave their trash.

Since they won't say it, I will. I have a feeling there are some bad people in this world who just expect others to clean up their messes. Which means, there will always be good people who are willing to clean up the mess for the better of a community. That is exactly what the Texas Rescue Patrol is doing.

The cleanup will take place at Red Sands on Sunday, July 14th at 9:00 a.m. The Texas Rescue Patrol is calling out true off-road enthusiasts to help their community out and help clean up the area. Those who are interested can meet at 15698 Montana Ave, on the day of the cleanup.

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