If you have someone in your life that refuses to snack on chips and salsa before your Tex-Mex dish arrives, you just need to remove that bit of negativity from your life. Okay, while that is a bit of a joke, how can you resist those free baskets of corn chipped goodness while eating at Jalapeno Tree in Mineola, Texas? Tex-Mex restaurants are not the only place we enjoy the snack, its probably a staple of a grocery trip or two. Something you probably didn't know is that chips and salsa is the Official Snack of Texas and has been for 20 years now.

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Chips and Salsa

I love me some chips and salsa. Its not the best for my blood sugar but it sure is delicious. Personally, I like to buy the big bag of On the Border chips and a bottle of Pace and enjoy the goodness. Whatever your go-to is can't be wrong, either, because chips and salsa is THAT good.

What you probably didn't know is that the 78th Texas Legislature actually did some good work in 2003 and named chips and salsa the Official Snack of the State of Texas. Their reasoning was simple, it has been enjoyed in the state for centuries dating back to Native Americans.

The primary ingredients of chips and salsa have nourished the people of this land for centuries; corn, peppers, and tomatoes all originated in the Western Hemisphere and were being cultivated by Native Americans along the Rio Grande when the Spaniards, who introduced onions to the New World, arrived in Texas. - 78th Texas Legislature

Losing Those Free Baskets and Dip

A scary thought, however, is that there is a slim possibility we could lose the privilege of free chips and salsa when going out the eat (KETK). The reason is the same for everything we've been seeing lately, the cost to grow and make is going up. That's not to say that it will for sure happen, but don't be surprised if we start seeing a $2 chips and salsa charge on our ticket. I'd pay it with no complaint.

Until then, let's keep enjoying the Official Snack of the State of Texas either at home or when we go out to eat. Adding some queso to go along side it is never a bad thing, either.

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