Surround yourself with harmony and tranquility when you visit this Texas Japanese tea garden! While the Lone Star state isn't really known for lush green gardens, this garden is the perfect place to transport yourself to Japan without ever leaving Texas!

San Antonio's famous Japanese Tea Garden started out as an abandoned rock quarry in the early 20th century. Throughout the decades, the Japanese Tea Garden has transformed into a beloved landmark in San Antonio.

San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden

Open from 7 AM to 5 PM daily, the park is free to enter and located at  3853 N St. Mary’s St.

The Japanese Tea Garden is perfect for weddings, events and even just a regular Saturday outing. It's easy to see why people love visiting the Japanese Tea Garden, with their year-round floral display with shaded walkways, stone bridges, a 60-foot waterfall and ponds filled with Koi, the park is the perfect place to find relax and find some harmony.

As you can also see, it's perfect for selfies and those Instagram reels!

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With how it looks today, you would never guess that at one point in time, the garden experienced some neglect. But in 2007, maintenance and repairs helped revive the garden into what it is today.

The garden has a long but beautiful history and today, it's considered one of their "must-visit" gems. Imagine having your wedding there? Or maybe just a birthday party?

You can find out more information, including how to host your own event at the Japanese Tea Garden, here.


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