If you follow the National Football League then the chances are that you have been inundated with unwanted and unnecessary news concerning former Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. It seems as if we've been following the Aaron Rodgers saga for as long as we were forced to endure Brett Favre's retirement(s). 

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The other story captivating the attention of NFL insiders and casual fans alike is the NFL Draft. That actually begins tomorrow night in Kansas City. The league will host round one on Thursday night. Then fans can watch rounds two and three on Friday night. The remaining rounds of the NFL Draft will be televised over the weekend.

The conversation about "the draft" will continue to be rampant until late August or early September when the teams actually take the field and start playing games. One of those NFL stars who is expected to suit up and have a big year in the league again this year is former LSU standout, Joe Burrow. 

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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I guess when you go undefeated, win the national championship, pick up the Heisman Trophy, and then are selected number one overall in the NFL draft it's okay to call you "a standout", right? Well, Burrow despite the noise surrounding Aaron Rodgers and the upcoming draft has made a little noise of his own.

It was revealed yesterday in a move so simple that even the Cincinnati Bengals couldn't screw it up, the team has exercised the option for Joe Burrow's fifth year on his rookie contract.

While this does seem to be the "no-brainer of all no-brainers" the dominoes that will fall because of this announcement are reverberating throughout the league. This move by the Bengals strongly suggests that the team will be making an effort to sign Burrow to an even longer-term deal. Some pundits say Cincinnati won't even allow him to "sniff" the free-agent waters.

Burrow is set to make some $29.5 million dollars in 2024 and you can expect there to be more money from where that came from. But perhaps the bigger news is that by locking up Burrow the Bengals may have just helped out some other quarterbacks in the league who are attempting to find a "home team" to play for. 

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
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And now that we know for sure where Aaron Rodgers is going to suit up for his career-ending injury, I mean time with the New York Jets, that could bode well for players like Lamar Jackson who is loaded with talent but can't find a team to play for. The Burrow news will also help fine-tune which teams are looking to take a quarterback in the upcoming draft this weekend.

The bottom line, is Joe Burrow will remain a "tiger" for at least the next two years in Cincinnati and probably for quite a few more. I wonder if this will be the year he gets his Super Bowl ring.

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