Can you use a nap?

If the answer is yes, NASA says that they have identified the ideal length for the perfect nap.

While many of would love to sleep for hours in the middle of the day, that may do more harm than good for you in the middle of the day.

According to NASA, the ideal length of a nap, in the middle of the day, is 26 minutes.

In their study, NASA reports when you nap for 26 minutes, you'll be 54% more alert and 34% better at whatever you do next.


This makes a lot of sense if you're aware of the different levels or stages of the sleep cycle.

By napping for only 26 minutes you are not entering the later stages of sleep, thus you are not going to wake up groggy or feeling tired.

Some employers have also done their research on napping and they report that allowing employees to nap while on the clock further improves their productivity.

I would not be shocked if we see or hear more about employers in the near future allowing their employees to take short naps in the middle of the day, while at work.

So, the next time you need a good nap, set your alarm on your phone for 26 minutes and see for yourself if this really is the ideal time for the "perfect nap".


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