At the beginning of the NBA Finals last week, we launched a simple contest for you, where all you had to do was guess the number of games it would take for someone to win the NBA Finals. We got quite a few entries, and now that we're four games in, we've narrowed the field quite a bit!

Those hopefuls that were predicting four games were knocked out after Sunday's Miami win, which tied the series at 1-1. Then San Antonio pulled ahead, and the five game hopefuls had their fingers crossed. But the mariachi national anthem thing must have really derailed the Spurs, as the Heat tied it up again last night.

This means we're down to those who played it cool (or safe) and chose either six games or seven for the finals. Here are our final contestants:

  • Izzy Cadena (6)
  • Veronica Franco (6)
  • Augustine Pimentel (6)
  • Marco Martinez (6)
  • Steve Kaplowitz (6)
  • Terrell Montgomery (6)
  • Ernie Aguilar (6)
  • Natalie Valdez (6)
  • Alfred Flores (6)
  • Johnnie Walker (6)
  • Ryan Trujillo (7)
  • Larry Hancock (7)
  • Vincent Jenkins (7)
  • Noel Cadena (7)

If it goes to seven games, it'll be down to four guys...a lot of us picked six games. BTW, Steve and I can't win, so don't worry about us taking your prize.

Good luck! Catch the last three games of the series on 600 ESPN El Paso:

  • Sunday at 6pm
  • Tuesday at 6pm
  • Thursday at 6pm (maybe?)

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