NBA Finals week is finally here! Wrapping up the NBA season, the Heat return to see if they can repeat, facing the Spurs. Can they do it? Can the Spurs take it away after their sweep in the Conference Championship?

600 ESPN El Paso wants to know, how many games is the series going to go? We'll give you free stuff for guessing correctly! You don't even have to pick a team, just the number of games.

Fill out the form below, and let us know how many games the series will go. If you guess correctly, you could win! We'll draw the winner from the correct guesses after the series ends.

Keep up with the finals and the contest right here with 600 ESPN El Paso, as we're carrying all the games:

  1. Thu 6/6 at 6:00pm
  2. Sun 6/9 at 5:00pm
  3. Tue 6/11 at 6:00pm
  4. Thu 6/13 at 6:00pm
  5. Sun 6/16 at 5:00pm (if needed)
  6. Tue 6/18 at 6:00pm (if needed)
  7. Thu 6/20 at 6:00pm (if needed)

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