Have you been wanting to take a flight over the borderland for FREE?! Well, if you have then you are in luck.

Red Arrow Flight Academy and War Eagles Air Museum are in need of a name for their newest airplane and they’re hoping the people of El Paso and New Mexico can help them name the plane and in return, get a free flight over El Paso.

War Eagles Air Museum was founded by John and Betty MacGuire in 1989 as a way to share their love of aviation and history with the community.

Red Arrow Flight Academy is a premier flight academy in southern New Mexico and West Texas. The flight academy was founded back in 2013 and continues to serve New Mexico and surrounding areas.

El Paso’s FitFam shared a post on their Instagram page announcing the contest rules which seem pretty simple enough.

Name this new airplane! All you have to do is comment your suggestion below and follow @flyredarrow and @wareaglesairmuseum,” read the post.

People are asked to comment directly on FitFam’s Instagram post with the name they think the new plane should have and the most “liked” suggestion will be used as this plane’s official name and the winner will win a FREE flight over El Paso!


A few people have already submitted their name suggestions and while some are clever, there are a few that have me lol-ing.

Here’s a look at a few of the suggestions. You decide which name you think is the best:

  • La Chancla
  • Harambe’s dream
  • One güey flights
  • Rogue Juan
  • Air cuhh
  • Sun City View
  • Señor de Los Cielos
  • Air Force Juan (My Favorite one so far)
  • Cool Arrow
  • La Mosca
  • Plane Jane
  • Pancho
  • Dave
  • Bob
  • Iris in The Sky (I wonder whose submission that one was?!)


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