With all the negative news happening across El Paso, it’s so refreshing to see some positive news every now and then and that’s exactly what popped up on my newsfeed this past weekend and I wasn’t the only person who loved to read this story.

El Paso’s FitFam shared a screenshot photo of a post that was shared in a Facebook group called ”Reporte De Puentes.”

The post was written by Facebook user Cristal Rodriguez and it mentioned that Crystal's cousin threw a Quince for her daughter and that she spent so much time putting it together but unfortunately no one showed up.

The post had a photo which showed the hall and dozens of empty tables. Cristal ended her post with a plea asking for people to join them at the quince so her cousin and the daughter could have a full hall. She provided the address and followed it with a praying emoji and a heart.

Well, her prayers were answered because El Paso’s FitFam shared a photo of a group of people who apparently saw the original Facebook post and decided to head to the quince!

“You love to see it. After a last-minute plea for attendees was posted last night, this festive group answered the call and showed up to help celebrate the quinceañera,” read Fitfam’s post.

Courtesy: Reporte De Puentes Facebook Post
Courtesy: Reporte De Puentes Facebook Post

The post has gotten nothing but positive responses with some people even mentioning that they went to the quince, too.

“There were more people that went to it that are not in the picture. They sat at other tables! Mom and Dad of the quinceñera were very welcoming!! I hope we made a difference in her special night!”


“We also went to the Quince, everything was beautiful! Mom and Dad were very nice! Quinceañera gorgeous!!”

Another person commented saying that this kind of positive reaction is something that should happen more often:

“Let’s normalize going to strangers' quinces👏 I love Asado!”

And a few El Pasoans hope they can get in contact with the Quinceanera herself to give her a special birthday present:

“Anyone knows the quinceañera??? We want to send her a little present.”


“Message me too. I'd like to get her a present.”

Hey! I’d love to find this Quinceanera too so I can hear more about her experience and meet some of these special people who made her day that much more special!

So, if anyone knows her, tell her we’d love to meet her!

Courtesy: FitFam El Paso
Courtesy: FitFam El Paso

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