That time of the year to score a ton of free candy is right around the corner. Halloween in El Paso will definitely be happening this year, unlike last year. You know there are different places for families to go trick-or-treating in El Paso.

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Normally when we go trick-or-treating we usually hit up houses in neighborhoods. There are also families that prefer to go early in the day and stay out of the cold.

The places you can stay warm while trick-or-treating are obviously at Sunland Park Mall and Cielo Vista Mall. If you're planning on hitting up the malls to trick-or-treat make sure you go early since they run out of candy quickly.

We also have our preferences for certain neighborhoods to trick-or-treat all over El Paso. But this Saturday, October 30, you can trick-or-treat before Halloween night.

There will be a Trunk-or-Treat happening at Album Park on Saturday afternoon. The time for Trunk-or-Treat will be 3 to 4 pm which looks like fun if you check out the pictures below.

The cool thing about this is being able to trick-or-treat while checking out some gnarly rides decked out with Halloween decor. There will also be prizes for the rides that will be decorated for Halloween.

There will also be a costume contest besides the trunk decor contest at Album Park. You can check out the flyer that is directly below for more information that also includes a couple of phone numbers.

If you have never experienced trunk-or-treat then you're in for quite the treat. Scroll through some of the photos from a previous year's trunk-or-treat below.

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