National Signing Day has turned into quite the multi-media spectacle -- satellite trucks at high school gyms, fans flagging prospects' Twitter feeds for the latest, reporters Periscoping press conferences.

But coaches? They must wait. For a fax.

Yes, a fax -- that 30-year-old technology that should have died with the VCR, but lives on because of it's "officialness".

If you ever needed a sign that the NCAA was out-of-touch, consider the rule that an agreement that only loosely binds a student-athlete with a school for a year and keeps other schools from recruiting him (Yeah, right. See: transfers) has to be treated as more official than...just about everything else in modern life!

In an age where you can Snapchat a marriage proposal, split the bar tab with an app and get a mortgage on your smartphone, signing a National Letter of Intent with a school still requires a fax to be NCAA legal.

And now you understand this video.

Houston head coach Tom Herman and assistants Fernando Lovo and Yancy McKnight and the UH video crew made a little tribute to that classic fax beatdown in "Office Space".

After waiting on pins and needles for faxes from a class deemed best in the AAC, you know that had to feel good!

It should be noted, prospects can submit their National Letter of Intent via email, too; but if you're going to sign your name on a piece of paper, you have to officially send that piece of paper into a school.

You could mail it. But if you're a highly-sought-after 5-star recruit going to a school in a Power Five conference and you mail your NLI, you could be responsible for the spontaneous combustion of many of your fans and coaches who won't be able to deal with the molasses-like hell induced by a forever stamp.

So, for now it's...just the fax.

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