We know El Paso still has a ton of road construction that has been going on for quite some time now. But in case you weren't aware, next week is National Work Zone Awareness Week from April 26 through April 30. But there are a couple of cute new TxDOT crew members that have joined the team.

Those new crew members are Safe-T-Rex and Work Zone Willy. It is neat to see a couple of characters warning us to drive with care. The newest members of the TxDOT team in El Paso are holding signs to give you that friendly little reminder about driving safely.

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In Work Zone Willy's photo, he is holding a sign that reminds drivers to drive slow. As for Safe-T-Rex, his sign is quite hilarious and should give you the giggles. Safe-T-Rex's sign has truth with a little humor text + Drive = extinct and that couldn't be truer.

I doubt people driving in their area will be looking at their phones because they will be doing a double-take at Safe-T-Rex and Work Zone Willy. If you would like to see the cutest and newest road crew members, you can spot them at their location. Safe-T-Rex can be seen on Montana Avenue further East.

As for Work Zone Willy, he hangs out at I-10 East just before the Texas Tech Medical Center exit. So the next time you're driving near those areas they're working at, check them out. But let's just hope these new guys aren't too much of a distraction for El Paso drivers.

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