Happy national hot dog month! In case you didn't know, July is national hot dog month, which makes sense since we have Independence Day and hot dogs are the star of the cookout.

Have you ever had a round hot dog? Many might think the question is a set up for a joke, but for most of us here in El Paso, the answer might be "yes".

We all know the famous Chico's Tacos round hot dogs, right? While Chico's itself is very divisive, you have to admit, the round hot dog is kind of clever. Now, someone else is trying to bank in on the "round hot dog" and people are saying that it's basically just a bunch of bologna, no- really.

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The meat delivery service Rastelli's is selling round hot dog patties. They look like bologna, only thicker.


They don't look too appetizing, but maybe it's because they aren't cooked?

For $18 you get 8 3 oz. hot dog patties- well, soon you can because as of right now, they are SOLD OUT!

Rastelli's say their round hot dogs use high quality meats that are chopped, not fully emulsified or liquified "like traditional bologna."  Their dogs are also smoked with a special blend of woods, before being finished in an oven. They even have tips on how to cook them on the grill, a skillet, an air fryer or even boiling them in water (hot dog flavored water, anyone?).

While people are losing it over these round hot dog patties, all of us here in El Paso know that the best way to have a round hot dog is the Chico's Tacos way- two weenies split in half longways with chili beans, mustard, and pickles on a hamburger bun.

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