With over 17 seasons on the air, The Texas Bucket List has gone to many locations in Texas; but which ones have the most views on YouTube?

Before I go into the top 5 spots, these are the 2 that just missed it:

5. Rosa's Cantina: The spot that inspired Marty Robbins to write about El Paso, this was also the very 1st El Paso location that The Texas Bucket List ever went to (the one that started the trend). Rosa's Cantina sits nicely at the top 5 most popular El Paso location with 48k views. Not bad for a place out in the west Texas town of El Paso...

4. Panda Burgers: The number spot goes to the 3rd El Paso location , Panda Burgers. The video on YouTube currently has little over 50k views. I don't blame people for watching this one a lot... who doesn't like a good burger?

3. Great American Steakburger: Like I said... who doesn't love a good burger? The episode that showed The Great American Steakburger was back in 2020, but it's proven to be a very popular El Paso spot; with over 75k views. I also think it's the green chilies that drew people to watch this video. Which I TOTALLY understand.

2. Cattleman's Steakhouse: El Paso LOVES steak. And if you need proof, just watch the video of Cattleman's Steakhouse. The amount of views is a HUGE leap from #3. Cattleman's video has over 335k views! But the amount of history, the food & the cool movie props not too far from the steakhouse, I totally get it.

1. Chico's Tacos: News that surprises no one, of course the number 1 spot goes to Chico's Tacos. What IS surprising, is the amount of views on the view: 346k. That's just little over 10k more than the Cattleman's video. So it's ahead but not by much. It's possible it might lose that spot in the future. But for now, the number 1 El Paso destination that was shown on The Texas Bucket List is Chico's.

It's worth mentioning that the owner of El Perrito in Austin IS from El Paso. The whole restaurant is an El Paso themed place for people to enjoy in Austin.

You can see a playlist of all of the El Paso locations shown on The Texas Bucket List here. You can also see where the most popular El Paso spots rank against ALL the Bucket List locations here.

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