The Texas Bucket List has given people a chance to experience parts of Texas that, perhaps many of us never had the chance to check out. A lot of these spots are places we know & love. But are the most popular TX destinations according to views on the Texas Bucket List YouTube page?

Well let's mention the 3 that just missed the top 10 (at the time of writing this article):

Now let's see what the top 10 are:

10. Chico's Tacos (El Paso): While Cattleman's may have missed the top 10, a staple in El Paso's history DID make the top 10. The Season 9 video for Chico's Tacos currently has over 346k views, just edging out the Barrera's Fried Chicken video. Even though it's only number 10, the amount of comments make it feel like Chico's SHOULD be a little higher.

9. Chuck's Country Smoke House (Cathage): Featured on Season 12, the video for Chuck's Country Smoke House has gathered just shy of 380k views. It IS BBQ so I don't blame them for making one this popular. This won't be the last time we see a BBQ place on this list.

8. Jucy's Burgers (Tyler): When people in Tyler need a burger, one of their favorite places is Jucy's. And YouTube thinks so too. Over 391k people have watched the feature on Jucy's Burgers since it appeared on the show back in 2016.

7. Underwood's BBQ (Brownsville): Told you we'd see another BBQ place on this list. The video for Underwood's BBQ in Brownsville, TX has over 409k views. Since 1946, it's definitely become a popular spot for TX BBQ.

6. El Cubano Cigar Factory (Texas City): One of the few non-restaurant stops in the top 10, this is a place I think Buzz would like: The El Cubano Cigar Factory in Southeastern Texas. With over 480k, this place is definitely one that people enjoy.

5. The Big Texan (Amarillo): One of the first spots in the show's history, Amarillo's The Big Texan Steakhouse's video has over half a million people interested about this place: Over 650k to be precise.

4. The Turkey Leg Hut (Houston): Sitting at number 4 with nearly 1 million views (about 977k at the time of writing this list), we have the first of two Houston locations on this list: The Turkey Leg Hut.

3. Cream Burger (Houston): The 2nd Houston location on this list, this video also nearly has a million views (984k). The Cream Burger was one of the earlier seasons of The Texas Bucket List but it's still a favorite among Texans.

2. Wingfield's (Dallas): The first video on this list to hit over a million views, the video for Wingfield's in Dallas has over 1.1million. Texans love wings & so do I...

1. Leona General Store (Leona): Despite it being called a "general store", the Leona General Store is also a steakhouse located in the very small town of Leona, Texas. This video is number with nearly 3 MILLION views; just over 2.8million views. We certainly love food here in Texas.

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