We've talked about The Texas Bucket List before on the website; we've mentioned whenever they come to a new place in El Paso & we've mentioned what their top 10 popular places on their YouTube page.

Currently The Texas Bucket List is on their 17th season & they stopped at another El Paso location to grab some food.

They've been to many places to eat here in town, like the Monteleone's, Lucy's & of course... Chico's Tacos. This time they had a hankering for BBQ; so they went to Hallelujah BBQ at 221 N Lee St.

In the video they interviewed the owner of Hallelujah BBQ, Blake Barrow, who's been making barbeque in El Paso for over 45 years. As you would expect, they got into detail on some of the dishes they make at Hallelujah (including some shots of the food being made & the cooking of the meats).

But that's not the main reason why they decided to feature Hallelujah BBQ on the show...

Hallelujah BBQ is located within the Rescue Mission of El Paso (as Blake is also the CEO of Rescue), so the restaurant serves as a hub for helping the homeless we have in El Paso; which as sadly we know, is a BIG problem. They also talk about the upcoming 2nd location that's coming soon with hopes to help more people who need it in El Paso.

This is the 2nd place The Texas Bucket List has shown from 2022; the previous one being the Blue Moon Drive In Movie Theater back in April. Joanna got to go there in person & she agrees that they made a great choice featuring it on the show.

We appreciate Edward & his crew for stopping by El Paso & we look forward to seeing the next location they'll feature on his show.

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El Paso's Blue Moon Theater

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