An outdoor cinema is the latest El Paso attraction to be featured on "The Texas Bucket List" television show.

The Blue Moon Drive-In, which is an open-air theatre designed to resemble a drive-in but isn’t really a drive-in, is one of the locations host Shane McAuliffe checks off the bucket list in episode 4 of the program’s 18th and latest season.

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Spotlight on Unique Central El Paso Theater

The Blue Moon Theater is another of Gary Monteleone’s unique ventures and is part of Monteleone’s family of businesses located within the same block in Central El Paso.

They include the haunted, motel-themed Italian steakhouse, Monteleone’s Haunted Motel Themed Restaurant, and Monteleone’s Wrap and Roll Café; a vintage carnival-themed burger joint where you can dine inside a trailer with original ‘40s roller coaster seats.


It's an old-fashioned drive-in inspired “dinner theater" that shows classic sci-fi and horror movies in an outdoor setting. The concept features seating that look like the back end of a car so you can feel like you’re sitting inside your vehicle at the drive-in, vintage drive-in speakers, and Gary’s collection of Hollywood memorabilia.

The Blue Moon sits right next to the mobster-themed and super-haunted Monteleone's Ristorante at 512 San Marcial St, which the TV show previously featured in a 2019 Halloween episode.

El Paso's Bucket List Locations

Lucy's Restaurant Facebook
Lucy's Restaurant Facebook

El Paso and the El Paso-area has been featured numerous times on The Texas Bucket List over the last few years. A segment on longtime west side fav Lucy’s Restaurant was a part of season 17.

Host Shane McAuliffe treated himself to their two most popular dishes: Lucy’s Famous Machaca Plate and the Tacos Antonia that McAuliffe declared some of the best tacos in Texas.

Chico’s Tacos, H&H Carwash, Rosa’s Cantina, and Cattleman’s Steakhouse in Fabens have all been showcased in past seasons, and locations including Hueco Tanks State Park, the oddity-filled Dave’s Pawn Shop downtown, and the now-shuttered Wyler Tramway have been too.

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