Chico’s Tacos….. IN AUSTIN?! Yup, however, some may even dare to say that these rolled tacos are even better than El Paso’s iconic Chico’s Tacos. I know, those are fighting words, but they came from my parents so please don’t start a fight!

A few months ago my parents were visiting my sister in Austin, TX and they stopped by a food truck that they had seen on the TV Show, The Texas Bucket List. That food truck was El Perrito.

My parents had heard about their delicious food, but it was their spin on the famous Chico’s Tacos that really caught my parents attention so they just had to head out to try these ELP rolled tacos from El Perrito. 

“This guy is from El Paso,” read a text that my mom sent me after they spoke with El Perrito owner Ivan Enriquez, “We had to go eat his food and try his spin on the famous Chico’s Tacos and HE NAILED IT!”

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez

Ivan is a proud El Pasoan. He started El Perrito back in 2019 as a side hustle, but once he saw that there was an opportunity to sprinkle some El Paso love in Austin through his food, he took the opportunity and ran with it!

El Perrito serves Mexican style street food that ranges from tacos, to Gorditas, to menudo and I’m gonna stop now cause I’m hungry!

But his most famous dish has to be his rolled tacos also known as their ELP tacos which, as I previously mentioned, are a take on El Paso’s famous Chico’s Tacos.

For Ivan, El Paso will always be home, but he is happy that he is able to use his passion for food to bring a little bit of El Paso to Austin.

If you’re ever in the Austin area make sure to stop by El Perrito and see if you agree with my dad on El Perrito’s rolled tacos being better than Chicos Tacos! 

El Perrito:

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