Everyone likes some live entertainment when they’re enjoying their favorite food but imagine that live entertainment coming from an adorable and confident 6-year-old. That is the case for customers of the north east El Paso food truck, El Taco Queto.

The locally owned food truck opened up about a month ago. They sell tacos that range from Al Pastor, to Asada, to Tripitas and more!

The family owned food truck also serves some delicious ceviche, beef jerkey and Clamatos, but it’s really the live entertainment from the owners daughter, Ximena, that keeps the customers coming back for more.

Ximena sings when people are eating or when we don’t have customers she starts singing and the cars hear her and they start coming and they tell us that they came because this little girl sings so beautifully,” said Ximena’s parents who are the proud owners of El Taco Queto.

Ximena Becerril is about to turn 7-years-old in August and she has had a passion for singing since she was only 3-years-old.

“Her favorite song is ‘Hermoso Cariño’ and 'La Mochila Azul',” said Ximena's parents.

6-year-old Ximena has even participated in La Voz kids here in El Paso when auditions were held at the restaurant El Muchacho Alegre. 

Courtesy: El Taco Queto
Courtesy: El Taco Queto

A video of Ximena belting out Adele’s latest hit song, 'Go Easy on Me’ was shared on Fit Fam of El Paso and many followers commented how adorable and great it was to see the 6-year-old showing off her talents outside of her family’s food truck.

Adele would be jealous ❤️. Keep singing, little one.”


“I love this!!!! So wholesome. She’s an angel.”

A few people even compared the 6-year-old singer to everyone’s favorite Queen of Tejano music, Selena.

“Selena y Los Dinos #2


“Selena sin los Dinos.”


I agree. This gives me Selena vibes and I am all here for it! It’s not an easy thing to stand in front of a crowd of strangers and sing your heart out not knowing what their response will be, but Ximena seems to be a fearless 6-year-old who loves to share her passion for music with others and I am here for!

Kudos to mom and dad for letting their daughter showcase her talents while they work hard in their food truck. Team work makes the dream work.

If you want to support locals while also supporting a young girl's dream, then head over to El Taco Queto which is located at 10176 McCombs and is open from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM.


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