I ran into a varsity high school boys basketball coach last week and he told me that Texas was seriously considering adding a shot clock for high school basketball. My first reaction was "wow, Texas still does not play with a shot clock?" I was more surprised to find out that only eight states use a shot clock for high school hoops. Here is the current list:
State                     Boys                Girls

California              35 seconds      30 seconds
Maryland               none                30 seconds
Massachusetts     30 seconds      30 seconds
New York              35 seconds      30 seconds
North Dakota        35 seconds      30 seconds
Rhode Island        35 seconds      30 seconds
South Dakota       35 seconds       35 seconds
Washington          35 seconds       30 seconds

According to the Dallas Morning News, cost is a big reason why Texas has said no in the past to a shot clock. The average price to wire a shot clock to an existing gym could be around $2,000. Even if Texas only installs them in 5-A and 6-A schools, there are roughly 513 gymnasiums. The total cost would exceed a million dollars.

Another reason the state has resisted the shot clock movement is because some coaches would rather play a slower tempo game or they prefer holding onto the ball late in a game with a slim lead rather than shoot it. Personally, I prefer watching a high school game with the same set of rules like college basketball.

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