Crave will be serving up some phenomenal food for Taste of El Paso this year. We spent a little time with Chef Rudy who told us exactly what they were serving this year.

You can order the Crave Taste of El Paso special today, Oct 26th, at Crave all day. It’s a Monte Cristo sandwich on a cinnamon roll bun. An item not on the menu, but created just to showcase Chef Rudy’s talents in Taste of El Paso.


We didn’t have the option of sampling the food to be served at Taste of El Paso because Chef Rudy is placing a special order for the food he’ll be serving. Check out his video below explaining what the food will be. As soon as Chef Rudy gets his special beef, he’ll send us some photos of the food so you can preview it.

The food below is what Duke Keith was treated to yesterday, but not what will be served at Taste of El Paso.