Without question, the Taste of El Paso is my favorite event of the year!  Every November, I take my daughter Jocelyn and upon arrival I'm usually so happy that I do somersaults.  If you've ever seen a heavy set man do somersaults, it's quite a site.  This annual event is truly an extraordinary culinary experience that included noshes from ten different restaurants, appetizers, desserts and various drink samples.

The restaurants that were represented included Gallery 3 Kitchen, Tabla, Ardovino's Desert Crossing, Anson 11, Dragon Fly Wine & Sushi, Gusto, Mesa Street Grill, Pelicans, Thirty 5ive Tavern & Grill and West Texas Chophouse.  Sportstalk and Crunchtime co-host Sal Montes actually thought he could out eat the Iceman at the Taste of El Paso.  All I can say is that talk is cheap and the little fella had to throw in the towel after a few samples; basically he was no competition for me.  Good try though buddy!

Pelican's Steak and Seafood
Ardovino's Desert Crossing
West Texas Chophouse
Gallery 3 Kitchen
Anson 11